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5 Reasons to Use Games in the Classroom

I have always enjoyed playing games. My family frequently plays board games once we get together, I play games with my children almost every day, and (not surprisingly) I have used a wide variety of games* as instructional tools in my classroom. ) I’ve never had a student ask”Why are we playing games?” Rather, students […]

Types Of Educational Games For Children

The World Wide Web is filled with several amusement avenues in the shape of gaming portals offering users with an entire gaming experience for a number of functions. One of the leading markets in online gaming amusement is that of word and education games that are taking the world by storm. Also Visit impossible quiz. […]

How To Win Snake Game

The spider game is one of the first and most popular classic video games. Your aim is to consume as much food as you can. With each bite you take, your snake grows longer. The game ends if you encounter a wall or into the snake’s body. You might survive using a random plan early […]

About Bad Ice-Cream Game

Bad Ice-Cream is a very fun puzzle arcade game that gives players a chance to command a tasty and colorful ice-cream, and your main objective is simple – collect the fruits and avoid the enemies. Each level in Bad Ice-Cream sets you up to amass a number of wall of fruits and vegetables at the […]